Advocacy & Impact

Our Mission & Goals

The I AM MORE Institute for Excellence & Social Responsibility is a non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to issues directly or indirectly affecting the success of underserved and minority populations, diminishing its impact in the national and global arenas.  

  1. The Individual: Educate, support, and advocate for victims and surviving victims of violence (domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, bullying, and urban violence), those living with mental illness and caregivers of the mentally ill, and individuals victimized by financial crimes (fraud and identity theft). It is our belief that we can address the offender by first addressing their own victimization.
  2. The Urban Community: Promote social awareness and responsibility as an active component of life rather than a passive element by bring awareness to issues of urban violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, mental illness, economic and criminal injustice, and financial crime.
  3. Civil Rights and Social Justice: Review and encourage policy implementation or changes which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the criminal and juvenile justice system and ensuring the uniformity of rights for all regardless of gender, religion, race, sexuality, or disability on the state and national level.
  4. Education: Instill the importance of the “I AM MORE!” message of empowerment, transformation, excellence, and healthy pride in students from kindergarten through graduate school. Provide at-risk youth (transformation), exceptionally gifted youth (empowerment), and all students in between with the necessary intellectual, cultural, and financial tools for successful transition to college and business.

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