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The Why

Mission: The I AM MORE Institute for Excellence & Social Responsibility is a non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to issues directly or indirectly affecting the success of underserved and minority populations, diminishing its impact in the national and global arenas.

It is our strong belief that empowering beyond victimization, tragedy, offending, and stereotypes requires mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial transformation. It is our added charge to identify, analyze, and address the underlying causes of violence and socio-economic disparities, and to educate and equip the residents and businesses within the urban community while fostering positive relationships with surrounding suburban communities. 

The I AM MORE Institute is a progressive non-partisan organization with a program focused on policy-related research and analysis, advocacy, public education, and community involvement. 


The Who

Our Founder:


Saying "I AM MORE!©" is the gateway to living your best life! Tonisha "Dr. Toni" Pinckney, took these three simple words and embarked on a life transforming journey. It is her life purpose to remind people that "you are no longer a product of your past; you are a facilitator of your future!" Dr. Toni teaches, it is the realization that you are more, you are capable of more, and you are worthy of more which will launch you into a powerfully productive future. It is excellence not excuses which equips people to live their best life. Through seminars, lectures, advocacy, community events, personal partnering, writing, and various other methods of communication, Dr. Toni empowers and transforms lives, communities, and organizations. She transforms lives into legacies!  Her personal mission became the mission of the Institute.


The How

You are the reason we do what we do!

You are how we do what we do!

Thank you to all of our partners and volunteers.  They work tirelessly to advocate, raise awareness, work toward policy reform, and train law enforcement, community organization, and individuals.

We also appreciate those who donate cash, assets, and services

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